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журнал для специалистов промышленного транспортного комплекса

About Journal

Magazine registered by international center registration world periodicals has index printed version ISSN № 1814-5787 (Paris, France).

Editorial ethics

The represented scientific results and conclusions have to be reliable and stated not only rather fully, but also correctly and objectively.

Rules for authors

Article maybe is presented on one from languages: kazakh, russian, english

Rules for authors


Magazine “Industrial transport of Kazakhstan” publishes results completed original scientific and methodical research in areas transport-communication complex. Article maybe is presented on one from languages: kazakh, russian, english. Solution about publication accepted editorial board magazine after review leading experts this industry, in under with requirements ККSОN МОN RК, considering scientific significance and urgency submitted by materials. Rejected  article repeatedly  editorial board not are considered and back not return. For ensure high quality materials magazine, edition requests authors at direction articles in printing guided by set out below rules: article, sent without compliance listed rules are not considered.

  1. Article coming for publication, should be accompanied, usually, recommendation institutions, in which performed work.
  2. Article should be thoroughly edited.
  3. Special attention follows turn on clarity and pithiness style, accuracy and sequence in statement of material.
  4. Article signed by all authors.
  5. Article, directed in magazine, seems on disk CD (with mandatory listing text Times New Roman Cyr № 14 through 1,0  interval and graphs in one copy on format A4. Text should be recorded in formats *doc word for Windows
  6. Drawings should be presents in format *.tif, with permissions 150 dpi for hatch drawings and 300 dpi for photos. Accepted also drawings, completed black ink, black rod or pencil (clearly red) on sheets white paper or tracing paper format not more but A4.Options pages: top and bottom-2sm, right-1sm, left-3sm. In text on figures should be link.
  7. General volume manuscripts, including literature, table and signature under drawings, not should exceed 15 pages.
  8. Name should be brief and reflect content work. All article being built following way; UDK article;

- surname, name, patronymic author, post, place work, scientific degree and title; annotations and keywords on language article.

Structure article:

- setting problem, analysis latest research and publication on this theme; allocation outstanding earlier parts total problem, which is dedicated to article, formulation aims article (setting task), statement basic material research; conclusions on article and prospects further research; list literature.

Also required:

Certified division frame high school review on article, signed by doctor of sciences (if author or co-author doctor, review not required)-extract from protocol meeting chair high school, with recommendation article to print (may send scanned).

  1. Text. All parts article (table, footnotes and etc) should be given completely, in appropriate place article.
  2. Reduced and conditional designations. Permitted only accepted in international system units reduction measures, physical, chemical and mathematical values, terms and etc.
  3. List of literature numbered in order links in text. Reference are placed in brackets, for example 1.3 bibliographic description each source should match the resulted on turnover his little sheet or be decorated on GOST.
  4. Manuscript should contain brief summary, which published on two other languages, other than from language text published material (if article seems on Russian language, that summary-on Kazakh and English languages, and vice versa). Summary place after list literature.

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