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журнал для специалистов промышленного транспортного комплекса

About Journal

Magazine registered by international center registration world periodicals has index printed version ISSN № 1814-5787 (Paris, France).

Editorial ethics

The represented scientific results and conclusions have to be reliable and stated not only rather fully, but also correctly and objectively.

Rules for authors

Article maybe is presented on one from languages: kazakh, russian, english

About Journal

Kazakh university ways of messages publishes magazine “Industrial transport of Kazakhstan” since 2004 year, according to evidence № 5181-Zh since  03.07.2004, given out  the ministry information Republic of Kazakhstan and re-registered № 16163-Zh since 28.09.2016, given out the ministry information and communication Republic of Kazakhstan.

Magazine registered by international center registration world periodicals has index printed version ISSN № 1814-5787 (Paris, France), which provides information about it in appropriate international refereed publications. Each number of  magazine going in book chamber RK for it distribution between libraries, scientific and information agencies, but also for it abstracting and inclusion in Kazakhstan abstracts magazines and publication. Subscription index in directory agency JSC “Kazpochta”- 75133. Basic aim of  magazine is assistance development scientific research through illumination scientific activity specialists in scientific areas, appropriate thematic directions magazine.  Basic scientific directions: transport and economy. In magazine are published scientific article on kazakh, russian and english languages, in volume number foreign authors. Magazine is published 4-time in a year (quarterly) edition 500 copies. In composition editorial council magazine enter leading specialists and scientists transport and industry Kazakhstan and abroad. Magazine has electronic version and comes out on site www.prom-trans.kz, where provided possibility view official publication in format PDF, identical publication magazine. Also on site university there is link on magazine http://kuwc.kz. Magazine “ Industrial transport of Kazakhstan” is refereed magazine. Article of science-theoretical character are published only at presence positive reviews, not less two independent scientists or specialists on this topics in under with order review manuscripts scientific articles, submitted by in magazine. General rules are requirements to clearance sent in magazine manuscripts articles, but also conditions their publication installed position about publication articles in magazine. Magazine corresponds to the base publishing standards on clearance articles in under with GOST magazines, collections, information publication. Publishing registration. Published materials, bibliographic lists in accordance with GOST. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules compilation, but also are provided electronic version magazine, for clearance funds and inclusion in electronic library.

Contacts: article and accompanying documents accepted on address:
050063 Almaty city, Zhetysu-1, home 32А, tel. 8(727) 376-74-78, fax  8(727) 376-74-81.

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ИИК №KZ80965T021202673631
JSC «Forte Bank», Алматы
Кбе  17, КНП  861
БИН  000640001237
РНН  600700207749

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